Edit product prices & compare at prices in bulk with EasyBy

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Pricing is important, but it’s still hard to manage it. Additionally to displaying a product's price, Shopify offers a compare at price option that displays the original, higher price of a product. EasyBy can save lots of your time and update the sale prices and compare at prices for specific products automatically!

Steps to create a bulk edit task

Step 1: Select which products should change in price or compare at price

Login to your EasyBy account and create filters to select the products you want to edit prices.

  • All products

  • Product in the collection is in any selected collections

  • Product in any selected products

  • Product vendor

  • Product type

Step 2: Select how the prices should change

Choose price change type and fill in the price change amount for product prices or compare at prices.

  • Decrease price by percentage

  • Increase price by percentage

  • Decrease price by amount

  • Increase price by amount

  • Set price to fixed value

  • Set price as percent of compare at price

  • Decrease compare at price by percentage

  • Increase compare at price by percentage

  • Decrease compare at price by amount

  • Increase compare at price by amount    

  • Set compare at price to fixed value

  • Set compare at price as percent of price

  • Set compare at price to blank

In case the original compare at price is blank, when you set price as percent of compare at price or decrease/increase compare at price by percentage/amount, the variant update will be skipped.

Please also note that all calculations are rounded to two decimal places by default when you adjust product prices by percentage. In case the decreasing amount is greater than the product original price, the new price of the product will be set to zero.

Always end prices in: You can also enable "Always end prices in" to make your prices looks more competitive. For example, increase original price $29.03 by $10 and set up" Always end prices in 0.99", the new price will be $39.99.

Set compare at price to original price: The compare at price can be easily updated together with the price edit task.

Step 3: Submit “Start edit now” or "Schedule edit"

Start edit now

After you submit the product price edit task, you can track the progress in a modal. Please note that only one task can run at a time, if there are multiple tasks, the other tasks will be queued.

Schedule edit

"Schedule edit" make it easy to set up a task running in a near future time. Choose a time within 30 days in a specific timezone and submit the schedule task.

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