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There are times you want to edit product SEO fields to optimize how your products show up in search engines and drive business to your online shop. To facilitate your operation, you can easily update your product handle, meta title, and meta description by EasyBy.

Step 1. First of all, you need to select the items for which you’d like to make changes in certain SEO attributes.

Login to your EasyBy account and create filters to select the products you want to edit.

Step 2. Select an option of changes you need to apply.

You have two options to edit the product handle, meta title, or meta description.

  • Set {attribute} with template

The whole attribute will be updated according to template. e.g. original metal title is abc, and set metal title with template to bbc. The new meta title will be bbc.

  • Replace text from {attribute}

Certain text from original attribute will be replaced with new text, the other words will be kept.e.g. original metal title is abc, and replace a from metal title with e. The new meta title will be ebc.


Using placeholders to update SEO attributes

In case you need to update SEO attributes based on product details,  placeholders can get the value of product fields dynamically.

  • Store name
  • Product handle
  • Product ID
  • Product type
  • Product description
  • Product title
  • Product vendor
  • Price (from 1st variant)
  • Compare at price (from 1st variant)
  • Barcode (from 1st variant)
  • SKU (from 1st variant)
  • 1st value of option 1
  • 1st value of option 2
  • 1st value of option 3

Special notes about product handle 

 Shopify requires a set of rules: 

  • Handles are always lowercase 
  • whitespace and special characters are replaced with a hyphen -
  • If there are multiple consecutive whitespace or special characters, then they're replaced with a single hyphen. 
  • Whitespace or special characters at the beginning are removed.
  • Handles need to be unique, so if a duplicate title is used, then the handle is auto-incremented by one. For example, if you had two products called Potion, then their handles would be potion and potion-1

The maximum length of product handle is 245 characters, the longer part will be trimmed of automatically by our system.

Step 3. Schedule or run task immediately

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